Know Agritec

Agritec, a company that pioneered the Agri-implements sector in the local industry was initiated in 1991 by Capt (R) Ch Shahid Rahim. The founders had a vision to improve the Agri-implements sector in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan and aimed their success at global expansion.

Our state of the art mechanical infrastructure and our envisioned services design gave us one of the finest start in the local market. Through high-tech machines and well trained workers we have managed to achieve what could truly be called a milestone of success in the market. Agritec was built on three principles:

  • Honesty
  • Motivation
  • Innovation

With these guidelines we have managed to achieve nationwide success and are producing the most sophisticated and innovative products that you could imagine.

The leading company in Pakistan’s Agro-Technology is working hard to become the global market leaders in the future.


A company’s vision defines the direction of its success. We at Agritec believe in handwork and innovation. This is the only reason we have emerged as one of the leading technical company in the Agri-implements market. The innovations that we offer are unique and specialized. Our vision is to create ingenuity through research and achieve what we truly deserve.

Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to expand globally with our brand as one of the leading companies in the world. Our Agri-implements research and innovation would keep on moving and we wish to make it as successful as possible.
The mission that we have truly marked for ourselves is combining our strengths to make us the largest brand name in the field”.